Ignitia is a Web-based learning environment featuring a media-rich, online curriculum for grades 3 through 12. This Web-based curriculum can be accessed through any Internet connection and browser using a personal computer (PC) or Macintosh. (Licensed per school). With 3-D animation, video clips, and other exciting multimedia, Ignitia is the perfect Christian school curriculum for today's students. With this flexible, state-of-the-art curriculum, teachers can customize lessons to fit each student's individual learning needs and schools can be curriculum-ready in minutes.

Unlike traditional textbook curriculums, Ignitia has a diverse, vibrant mix of entertaining lessons, assignments, and quizzes. Fun-filled lessons are created to captivate students' attention and engage them in learning. Interactive learning games, Web links, and off-computer projects create opportunities for in-depth study. Automatic grading and lesson planning tools allow teachers to easily set calendars dates for semester or year-long schedules. Ignitia from Alpha Omega Publications offers five core subjects plus a variety of exciting electives which can be used as a core curriculum, a summer school option, or specialized courses. Ignitia's cutting-edge curriculum was created to offer Christian schools flexibility, convenience, and quality academics.

Find out how you can partner with Ignitia™ to empower students and teachers to reach beyond aspirations and achieve.

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